The LionPATH Reporting/Data Warehouse team is charged with implementing solutions to support the reporting of student data across the University.

In addition to the new LionPATH system, Penn State purchased Student Information Analytics (SIA) to support this effort. SIA is a suite of objects that includes a tool to extract data from LionPATH, a new Oracle Data Warehouse, and some pre-delivered iTwo dashboards and reports.

New features and reporting tools will also be available to run real-time queries against LionPATH and to streamline operational efforts.

Implementing LionPATH is a major change which will affect the entire University. Reporting will have its share of changes too. Offices that currently use ISIS or the existing data warehouse will need to modify or replace their own reports and processes. They will have to commit resources and time to this effort. The Reporting/Data Warehouse team will work with offices to ensure that they have access to the information that they need, but the actual development of reports is the responsibility of the individual offices.

For more information, check out the Reporting/Data Warehouse FAQs.

In addition, our reporting release schedule outlines the tentative release dates and the functionality that will be released with each date.