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Who will be trained on the new LionPATH functionality being released?

As functionality is being released, system users will be trained according to their job responsibilities in LionPATH.


What initial training will be offered to support each LionPATH release?

Initial training will be provided on how to use LionPATH to support the business process affected by that release. Format for training delivery will be determined by each functional team based on audience size and end user needs. As new functionality is released, end-users may need additional training.


Where will training be offered?

Live training will be offered either face-to-face or via Adobe Connect as appropriate for the content, location and size of the audience. In addition, an online video library is available for self-paced learning and support.


When will training be offered?

Training delivery will occur immediately prior to and following the introduction of new functionality/processes. Maintenance/new employee training will be an ongoing process as determined by need.


What is pilot training?

Pilot training is a test run of the hands-on courses to validate flow, timing, and content before actual hands-on training is delivered. User Acceptance Testers were identified as the audience for the pilot sessions for each release.


How will I be notified of hands-on training?

Individuals will be identified for hands-on training based on their access to the LionPATH system. Notifications of available training will be emailed to these individuals with links to register for training.


What should I know before I attend training?

For individuals accessing LionPATH for the first time, a basic set of online tutorials has been developed as an overview to the LionPATH system and should be viewed prior to any course. To view these tutorials, visit

To view the entire online library, visit


How will I find documentation after training?

The online help library can be accessed via the help link from within the LionPATH system. To go directly to the online library, visit


How/where can I get assistance after go-live if I have a question?

The LionPATH Online Library is your first resource for assistance available via the help link in LionPATH. The library is robust, easy-to-use, and is the most efficient way to address your needs. If you find you need additional assistance, contact the Service Desk at