LionPATH/eLion Conversion

Student FAQs

Question: I was looking at my Student Center, and I notice that some of my credits are missing. What do I do?

Answer: We are in a period where the Office of the University Registrar is reviewing academic records for current students that were converted. In some cases a class or two may be missing from the converted data, and as a result the credit hours are temporarily different. The review of current students’ academic records is ongoing and will be completed in the next few weeks.

Question: I am looking at my Student Center and noticing that my schedule does not include a class that I am taking, which is included in eLion. What do I do?

Answer: The conversion process includes spring 2016 enrollment data as of Saturday, January 23, 2016. If an enrollment or a late drop for spring 2016 is currently missing in LionPATH, that is ok. At the end of the spring semester, we will be re-converting the spring 2016 classes and student enrollment data. This is when the information will show all changes after January 23. Until that time, please use eLion to check enrollment changes for spring 2016. ELion will also accurately show all historic terms at Penn State. Summer enrollments will be updated in May, then not again until August.

Question: I am looking at my transfer credits, and I see some classes missing from what I expected. What should I do?

Answer: Please refer any question to

Question: I am looking at my GPA in LionPATH, and it appears to be slightly different from the eLion GPA. What do I do?

Answer: The GPA calculation in eLion is very complicated and takes into account different rules. We are creating similar rules in LionPATH to replicate the eLion rules. There will be a period of time between the conversion and the beginning of the fall 2016 term when the GPAs will be checked and finalized. We are working diligently on applying calculation rules consistently in LionPATH. Please keep in mind that the official source is still eLion for all GPA and credits until fall 2016.

Question: I had a change in my major/minor/concentration the other day, and I do not see that change reflected in LionPATH. What should I do?

Answer: A synchronization process has been established to keep records updated between eLion and LionPATH. However, it only updates records once a week, specifically on Sunday mornings. If your change was made after last Sunday’s sync, it will not be reflected until the next sync process occurs. If there is a problem with processing the change, it may take slightly longer. It’s important to remember that transcript information will come from eLion until fall 2016.