Provost report updates trustees on Project LionPATH


The ongoing implementation of LionPATH, the University-wide student information system, was the subject of a report today (Feb. 24) from Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas P. Jones to the Board of Trustees. Jones said the project is now entering a new phase.

Jones acknowledged the challenges inherent in developing and deploying a large enterprise system such as LionPATH and apologized for frustrations that some faculty, staff, students and parents experienced during the implementation process.

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University leadership delivers LionPATH update to faculty, staff, and students


We thank you for your patience and understanding as Penn State has transitioned from ISIS to LionPATH, the University’s new student information system. Executing such a large, institution-wide change such as this is never easy and we have faced many challenges in our efforts to provide a system that serves all of you optimally. We apologize for any frustrations or problems you may have faced during this process and we thank you for your continued support as we proceed with LionPATH implementation.

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Preparing for spring 2017 enrollment


As the University community prepares for the spring 2017 semester, students can also prepare for spring enrollment with these reminders and resources.

Complete your activity guide

Each semester, students must complete the pre-registration activity guide prior to enrolling in classes. Your pre-registration activity guide will be in the To Do List of your LionPATH Student Center. Be sure to read each item carefully and follow the prompts until you have completed the entire guide. Failure to properly complete the guide will prevent you from being able to enroll.

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Provost Nick Jones shares message with University community


As the fall 2016 semester begins, the final transition of the University’s student information system (ISIS/eLion) to the new LionPATH system is occurring.

Let me start by acknowledging that we fully recognize there have been some challenges and frustrations with this transition. Conversion of any major legacy database system is a tremendous undertaking and there will be challenges; this project is no different. We’ve heard concerns from faculty, students, staff and parents and we are very sensitive to these concerns, and are working on addressing all of them in a timely manner.

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Important information and resources to assist in LionPATH transition


Beginning Aug. 29, LionPATH will become the official student information system at Penn State.

There are a number of resources for LionPATH users with questions about its functionality — including tutorials and announcements for students, parents and faculty/staff. These can all be located by visiting the LionPATH Launch Page. It is recommended that students, parents and faculty/staff bookmark this website for future reference.

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Faculty Center in LionPATH now live

The Faculty Center in LionPATH is used for faculty and staff who have teaching responsibilities so that they may access and view teaching schedules and class roster information. Faculty can also choose email options to send important class information to their students. The Faculty Center will also provide faculty with grading options and exam information.

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LionPATH mobile app now available

The LionPATH mobile app is now available for students to download from Google Play for Android and from the Apple App Store for iOS. LionPATH mobile is a secure app requiring students to log in using their Penn State Access Account.

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A guide to fall 2016 registration with LionPATH

Registration at Penn State for the fall 2016 semester is right around the corner. This also marks the beginning of a new enrollment process for the University. Students will now enroll in classes through LionPATH — the new student information system.

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Delegated access now accessible in LionPATH

With the delegated access function in LionPATH, you can grant a parent or guardian the ability to view a selection of your student data for fall 2016 and beyond. Your parent/guardian will continue to use eLion to view spring and summer 2016 student information.

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LionPATH FAQ provides answers to commonly asked questions

LionPATH is the new student information system that will gradually replace ISIS (Integrated Student Information System). As a student, you are most likely familiar with the front-end Web service of ISIS, called eLion. For students, the transition to LionPATH means that the way you enroll in classes, check financial aid, retrieve your degree audit, and pay your bill will change. Below are a few of the commonly asked questions regarding the new system.

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LionPATH implementation to bring change to Penn State’s class gift program

Project LionPATH, Penn State’s multi-year initiative to replace its student information management system, also will bring changes to the University’s Class Gift program. One change will be a difference in how the University manages the general deposit, money paid by all students upon admission to Penn State and held until graduation.

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New enrollment process replaces SCHED to REG

In fall 2014, the LionPATH steering committee approved replacing Penn State’s current SCHED to REG process with a new enrollment process, which no longer includes SCHED status. Students will be considered fully registered when they enroll in classes. They may add, drop and late drop classes, and grades will be collected at the end of the semester.

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10 differences between LionPATH and eLion

Beginning in 2016, Penn State students will start to see some changes in the way they do business with the University. In February, LionPATH will begin to replace eLion as the new student information system, and by December 2016, LionPATH will be a one-stop-shop to enroll in courses, check grades, pay tuition bills and more. Below are some of the changes during this transition to a new system.

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LionPATH schedules regional events

Members of the LionPATH project team will be holding several regional events throughout the Commonwealth this spring in order to provide project updates, show a demo of the new system, and give the Penn State community the opportunity to ask questions about the project. These events are open to all staff and faculty.

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Faculty Senate approves policy changes as part of move to LionPATH

The proposed changes to the Senate policies that cover entrance to and changes in major programs of study, dropping courses, adding courses and repeating courses were presented by the Special Senate Committee on the Implementation of LionPATH. The University is in the process of moving to LionPATH, a new student information system.

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LionPATH preparing to go live with first release

The transition from the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) to LionPATH will begin very soon with the release of the first module. LionPATH is implementing a phased roll-out approach, meaning that the various facets of the system will be released to correspond with the life cycle of a student who is entering Penn State for the fall 2016 semester.

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Project LionPATH to enhance student information system

Project LionPATH, a multi-year initiative to replace Penn State’s existing student information system, is the focus of the Enterprise Project Management Office, the newest unit in Finance & Business. Scheduled to be up and running within two years, Project LionPATH will provide a more user-friendly, state-of-the-art student information system.

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LionPATH enters next phase of project

It’s the start of the school year, and it’s also the beginning of the next phase of Project LionPATH. For the past six months, the team has been working hard completing the analyze and design phase of the project, and is preparing to enter the next phase, configure and develop.

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LionPATH celebrates official launch of project

Project LionPATH — the multi-year initiative to replace Penn State’s existing student information system (ISIS) — had its official kick-off Wednesday (Feb. 5) at its new facility at 300 N. Science Park Road. The day began with remarks from Executive Vice President and Provost Nick Jones, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business David Gray and CedarCrestone Vice President John Harrison. The LionPATH executive and steering committees then had the opportunity to tour the new facility and meet the Project LionPATH team members.

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Committee recommends approval of new student information system

The Board of Trustees Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning voted today (Nov. 21) to recommend approval to replace the University’s Integrated Student Information System (ISIS). Pending approval of the full board on Friday (Nov. 22), the $64.6 million ongoing, multi-year initiative will replace the current student information system with a new, state-of-the-art system.

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New student information system discussed

The ability to adapt to emerging technologies and the need to meet student and faculty expectations are two of the reasons the University is moving to replace its student information system, according to a report presented today (Sept. 19) to the Finance, Business and Capital Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees.

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Property purchase allows consolidation of Penn State IT staff

Penn State’s Board of Trustees approved today (July 12) the purchase of a State College property that will provide the University with strategic expansion opportunities, including bringing much of its information technology (IT) staffing and resources together in one location.

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ISIS replacement project unveils website, hires project director

A new website has recently been launched and a project director has been chosen for Project LionPATH, the ongoing, multi-year initiative to replace Penn State’s Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) with a new, modern system.

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