Duplicate PSU IDs


Currently, the PSU ID is generated from CIDR (the Central ID Repository). CIDR allows for the creation of the PSU ID with very little data (e.g. name and address only). Because of the minimal amount of data available in CIDR, when matching is done on the PSU ID, near matches are not found and duplicate PSU IDs are created.


The student information system contains over 12,000 duplicate records. The CPR (Central Person Registry) has over 15,000 duplicate records.


Reduce the number of duplicate records created by replacing most of the current CIDR services with new, more robust requirements via the CPR. In collaboration with Identity Services (IdS), the LionPATH project presents an opportunity for Penn State to change the current procedures for creating a PSU ID so that a greater number of data elements are required, resulting in fewer duplicate records.

The recommended decision is for CIDR/CPR make a change to the current business process and use the following data elements as minimum needed to create a PSU ID:

  • First and Last Name
  • Full DOB
  • Gender
  • National ID for US (student can opt-out of providing this)
  • Address (any type) with country code
  • Email

To make this decision work, all business units/systems authorized to create or update identities in the CPR must agree on and enforce the business process for adding a person record with minimum data. Agreement upon this option also requires that organizations adding person records be willing to change their current business processes and systems accordingly.