Admissions team preparing for summer 2015 launch

Admissions Team

The LionPATH admissions team is busy preparing for a summer 2015 launch.

Project LionPATH is busy preparing the new LionPATH system for Penn State students enrolling for fall 2016, and most of those students will begin their affiliation with Penn State with the admissions process.

In order to begin entering the applications of these new students, it’s necessary for the admissions functionality to go-live in the summer of 2015. Although this is only six months away, there is still much work to do!

Who is the LionPATH admissions team?

The admissions team includes staff from across the University—including the Undergraduate Admissions Office, The Gra­duate School, World Campus, Penn State College of Medicine, Penn State Law, and Penn State Abington. This comprehensive team allows Project LionPATH to collaborate holistically on University policies and procedures to ensure we design a system that meets the needs of our students, faculty and staff. The team also includes two consultants from Sierra-Cedar who have experience with using this system for admissions.

Undergraduate admissions processing for summer 2016

Undergraduates who apply for fall and summer of 2016 on the same application will have both entrance dates processed in LionPATH. However, those students who are “prematriculants” (called paid accept (PDACC) in ISIS) for summer 2016–meaning they have paid their fees and deposits–will then have their application information automatically moved back into ISIS in order to continue processing their registration and financial aid packaging.

For more detailed information, please visit our recent blog post outlining this process.

What’s staying the same?

With so many system changes forthcoming, we thought you might appreciate knowing that a few things will in fact remain the same:

  • Talisma will remain as the undergraduate admissions CRM
  • MyPennState will continue as the way undergraduate students create their profile, access their application, and schedule a visit
  • The undergrad admissions application
  • UAO Event (visit) system
  • GRADS will still be used to process the graduate application

“We have all learned more than we ever thought possible about the other careers at Penn State, and all the intricacies involved in everything that we do,” said Lynn Koehler, LionPATH admissions team lead. “It’s amazing to turn these items over and around in your mind, to figure out the ‘why’ behind our processes, and then to really build the new ‘how.’ I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little nervous about how soon we go live, but our whole team is excited about taking this big step forward!”

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